Since 2008, WPIG has donated over $102,678.50 to organizations helping women and children in need move toward self-sufficiency.

Each year, WPIG nominates local or international charities that align with our mission and subsequently chooses an annual charity to support through fundraising efforts, volunteering, advocacy, member dues, and our annual event. Annual event earnings are generally split 50/50 between our honored annual charity and future WPIG philanthropic endeavors.

One unique component of WPIG is our investment strategy. Throughout the year, we educate ourselves about finance and investing through guest speakers, written materials, and other opportunities. In turn, we maintain a stock portfolio with stocks hand-picked by the group. Earnings are used to support WPIG’s operations and our charity partners.

WPIG of Seattle is a 501(c)(3) exempt organization, is incorporated in the State of Washington as a non-profit organization, and is registered with the Washington Secretary of State as a Charitable Solicitations Fund.

Annual Fundraising Event

The Annual Fundraising event honors the Annual Charity Partner and WPIG's work for that year.   Each partner charity's mission must align with WPIG's mission to help women and children in need move toward self-sufficiency.  Funds raised are split 50/50, with the exception of 100% of Raise the Paddle funds donated toward the partner charity.  All money raised for WPIG is contributed toward future philanthropic efforts and donations.  See "Quarterly Givings" for more donations from WPIG.

  • 2016, 8th Annual WPIG Event** (WPIG, Wine, and Chocolate): $5,000 for future WPIG charities
  • 2015, 7th Annual WPIG Event (Moonlight Masquerade): $10,500 for Refugee Women's Alliance
  • 2014, 6th Annual WPIG Event (PIGture Perfect): $20,000 for YouthCare; $15,414.84 for WPIG
  • 2013, 5th Annual WPIG Event (PIGture Perfect): $15,000 for First Place School; $15,059.92 for WPIG
  • 2012, 4th Annual WPIG Event (PIGture Perfect): $17,300 One by One; $11,968.96 for WPIG
  • 2010-2011, 3rd Annual WPIG Event (PIGture Perfect): $1,100 (2010) and $17,500 (2011) for Ryther; $9,913,21 for WPIG
  • 2009, 2nd Annual WPIG Event (PIGture Perfect): $3,905.76 for Bill and Pat Bali Fund; $3415.76 for WPIG
  • 2008, 1st Annual WPIG Event* (WPIG out for Charity - Karaoke!): $325.64 for YWCA of Seattle; $878.36 for WPIG

*WPIG created formal contracts with partner charities to split proceeds 50/50 after 2008.  Prior to creating these formal partner relationships with nonprofits that aligned with our mission, WPIG donated a smaller percentage to the YWCA of Seattle

** In 2016, WPIG fundraised for future WPIG charities and did not donate to a single partner charity.

Quarterly Givings

Each quarter WPIG members nominate and vote on charities to donate additional WPIG funds raised from the annual event and other fundraisers, in addition to attending and donating at various organizations' benefit luncheons/dinners.