Immeasurable importance of ReWA

WPIG is so proud to have ReWA as our 2015 partner charity! ReWA_LOGO_

This organization does such amazing work, and provides so many opportunities for immigrant and refugee youth and families.  So many of their programs focus on achieving increased academic performance at school for youth, all the while building self-esteem, belonging and sense of community pride.

They provide invaluable assistance to families needing guidance in navigating the complex legal issues we all face, i.e. family issues, housing situations and immigration, just to name a few.

By incorporating case management, employment specialists and critical educational job training to youth and parents, ReWA has made it their goal to help families navigate career pathways to achieve financial independence.

Join WPIG on October 24th, our 7th Annual Fundraiser to aid ReWA in achieving their goals. Purchase tickets here!