Volunteering with ROOTS Young Adult Shelter


This past Saturday, 10 WPIG women headed over to the U District’s ROOTS Young Adult Shelter to help assemble their quarterly newsletter (folded, sealed and addressed over 1000 copies!).  ROOTS relies heavily on volunteers, and in fact only employs a handful of paid staff, so our efforts were greatly appreciated.  It was also the perfect opportunity for us to learn more about their program!  ROOTS (Rising Out Of The Shadows) provides safe, emergency shelter and other services for young adults aged 18 to 25 including clean bedding, toiletries, meals, laundry and assistance with transitional services.  Founded in 2000, ROOTS was the first overnight shelter in the city specifically designed to meet the needs of homeless young adults, and is one of the only co-ed shelters in the city, providing an integral piece of the continuum of care for homeless persons in King County.  Perhaps most significantly, they are proud to report that for over eight years, ROOTS has operated seven nights per week without once having closed its doors due to lack of staffing or volunteers.  WPIG is proud to work with such a dedicated organization!