Volunteering with Refugee Women’s Alliance!

WPIG members gathered at the Refugee Women’s Alliance (“ReWa”) office on February 10th to assist in preparations for Annual Refugee and Immigrant Legislative Day. Our volunteers learned about the organization, prepared folders for legislative meetings, put together supplies for lunches, and sorted signs for the rally!
WPIG women volunteering with ReWa

WPIG women volunteering with ReWa

Annual Refugee and Immigrant Legislative Day took place February 12th. Eight hundred people attended the event in Olympia! Eighty meetings were set-up with legislators from different districts throughout the state. This annual event aims to bring together refugees, immigrants, advocates, and other partners to address common concerns, such as  reductions to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and to support community-based after school and summer programs for English Language Learners. The event included a rally at the Capitol steps featuring a celebration of the diversity within Washington’s immigrant community, as well as a variety of different speakers and performances.