WPIG Members Tour Gates Foundation

photo 3On September 20, WPIG members had the opportunity to tour the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center. The Gates Foundation partners with organizations around the world to tackle major global issues, including extreme poverty, education, global health and global advocacy. One of the main health issues they are currently focused on is the eradication of polio on a global scale.

The group’s very informative tour guide, Patrick, answered all member’s questions. What was planned to be a one-hour tour turned into a fantastic and informative two-hour tour. There were engaging interactive displays that were fun to play with, a timeline with movable panels that described how the foundation came to be, and a back room that displayed various inventions such as a solar toilet and portable water filters. There was even an emergency how-to kit for delivering a baby. The center was kind of like being at a Children’s Science Museum but for non-profits.

We are so fortunate to have the Gates Foundation right here in Seattle! Admission to the visitor center is free, so we encourage you to stop by anytime you are near the Seattle Center.