Gardening with Lettuce Link


On June 26, WPIG members got their hands dirty with a volunteer gardening

event with local urban farming program Lettuce Link. Part of Seattle non-profit

organization Solid Ground, Lettuce Link manages two large community gardens in

Seattle, as well as coordinates with over 80 other community gardens and groups

with the goal of producing healthy, organic foods for Seattle’s most economically

impoverished residents. In 2012, Lettuce Link produced over 68,000 pounds of

fresh fruits and vegetables.


 WPIG members worked at the Seattle Community Garden in the Rainier Valley

building trellises for green beans, weeding and turning flower beds, and planting

beets and lettuce. The Seattle Community Garden relies on volunteers and

community members to keep the gardens growing. Community members who

volunteer are able to take home fresh fruits and vegetables, and the rest of the food

is donated to the Rainier Valley Food Bank. This is a crucial service, as most food

banks offer primarily canned and dry goods. And, in the summers, Lettuce Link

has day camp programs that teach kids about healthy eating. The garden is also a

frequent stopping point for neighborhood kids on their bikes, who swing by and

pick a few raspberries right off the plant.



Not only did we learn a lot about gardening, but we learned about this great

organization that helps local residents have access to fresh produce in their own


Learn more about lettuce link here: