Volunteering at Food Lifeline

ElenaMeghanBecka   On November 18th WPIG members volunteered at Food Lifeline‘s large South Seattle Volunteer Repack Center.  Food Lifeline is a fantastic local organization working to end hunger.  Food Lifeline stocks the shelves and fills the tables of 275 food banks, meal programs and shelters throughout Western Washington. Ninety-five percent of the nutritious food is secured from local restaurants, grocery stores, farmers and manufacturers.  Last year, Food Lifeline distributed more than 36 million pounds of food, the equivalent of more than 30 million meals, to feed approximately 745,000 hungry people throughout Western Washington. 

Food Lifeline provides several innovative solutions that give food companies a convenient, reliable and safe way to channel surplus food to hungry people. Food producers and retailers provide unmarketable yet wholesome food that would otherwise end up in crowded landfills.

ReeniAlishaAn impressive 97% of Food Lifeline’s expenses go directly to hunger fighting programs. Several thousand volunteers throughout the year help sort and repackage food, as well as help with fundraising events, mailings and administrative work.


WPIG members worked together with a local Girl Scout troop to inspect, sort and repack 1050lbs of assorted pastry crisps for distribution to food banks, meal programs and shelters to feed hungry children, senior and adults.   WPIG members enjoyed touring the massive facility and learning that the food we packaged would be leaving the facility in a matter of days to help those in need. 


WPIG members and local Girl Scout troop