WPIG Summer of Giving: part 2

During the week of July 22-26, WPIG was on pick-up duty for Rain City Rock Camp for Girls. Rain City Rock Camp for Girls is a non-profit organization whose mission is dedicated to building positive self-esteem in girls and encouraging creative expression through music.

Rain City Rock Camp (RCRC) is a week long day camp for girls ages 8-17. The girls are encouraged to explore their creativity and express themselves through music (no previous musical knowledge is required). Throughout the week, girls are given music instruction and coaching, band practice and encouraged to write their own music. Daily workshops are provided and topics include: History of women in Rock & Hip Hop, Gender Bias and Bullying, Song Writing and Media literacy and body image. These girls leave camp empowered and with the understanding that every genre of music, technical job in music entertainment or endeavor in the music industry is available to them. At the end of the week, the culmination of their hard work is showcased at a concert for the public.
2013-07; WPIG and Rain City Rock Camp During our time there, WPIG members acted as Post Camp Volunteers. Several of our members assisted in the aftercare program by awaiting and verifying the pickup of the campers while allowing the counselors an hour to debrief from the days’ activities. We were able to spend time with the young ladies jump roping, doing chalk drawings and making buttons.

The excitement of Rain City Rock Camp was palpable with dancing, singing, laughter, self expression and incredible smiles. The enthusiasm from the female volunteers and mentors was authentic and infectious.