Quarterly Donation Spotlight: El Centro de la Raza

The second non-profit organization WPIG was able to donate to in the first quarter of 2013 is King County’s El Centro de la Raza. They provide a wide array of social services and advocacy for the Seattle area’s Latino population, including healthcare assistance, a food bank, education, and children’s programming.

Our donation was earmarked specifically for two programs that fit with WPIG’s mission of helping women and children move from places of need to self sufficiency: The Comadres Women’s Group and BEBES Infant Mortality Prevention.

The Comadres Group is a support group for women of all ages who have immigrated to the United States and may be missing the crucial social relationships they’re used to, that help combat depression and isolation among this population.

BEBES Infant Mortality Prevention reaches out to women of childbearing age, to provide education, support, healthcare, and case management with the goal of reducing infant mortality.

El Centro de la Raza is an amazing organization, with a depth and breadth of services for the Latino population that is truly impressive. We’re so glad we got the opportunity to support their cause!