Dignity for Divas – a fantastic local charity!

Dignity for Divas Street Team

Dignity for Divas is a Seattle-based charity whose mission is to provide personal care items to homeless women in the greater Seattle area.  Since this mission aligns so well with WPIG’s mission, we wanted to share their story with you and spread the word about this great cause!

Founder Nikki Gane’s story:  Dignity for Divas started as a wish I had for myself as I sat on a park bench in Atlanta GA in 2007. Scared and confused and not sure how I got to this place in my life but I knew it was time for change.

After leaving a difficult marriage, I found my self alone, ashamed and damaged; not to mention 3,000 miles away from my family and friends. I was a shell of my former self, broken down and lost. One of the most devastating experiences that has stuck with me was feeling unclean and un-worthy, not being able to take “care” of my daily needs as a women.

I have never forgotten how I felt and I made a promise to God and myself to help any women going through that same situation.  Dignity for Divas mission is to provide “daily hygiene” necessities to homeless women in need.

I know that hygiene is the first step in regaining your self worth. We are here to spark the inner DIVA in all homeless women in need.

~Nikki Gane (Founder)

Please visit Dignity for Divas website to learn more about how you can donate and get involved!