2012 Auction Sneak Peek: Studio of Hearts

Melissa with Studio of Hearts kindly donated lovely card sets and stationary.

Example of Melissa’s work

“This is a story of a girl named Melissa, a girl who wants everything (and anything) to be beautiful with all her heart. From the south, she was taught the importance of a good thank you note early on, but the hunger for graphics she picked up a bit later. She laughs too loudly. She talks too much. She cries at commercials. She loves picnics and picnic baskets filled with triple cremes and champagne, in particular. She loves huevos rancheros and wishes she got to play Scrabble more. She likes sparkly things of all sorts. And really, she likes hearts of all sorts too – the kind that beat, the kind that love, and the kind that she started doodling as a little girl.”

Example of Melissa’s work

See more of Melissa’s lovely work on her website.