2011 Auction Sneak Peek #28 – Rocket Dog, woof!

We figured that this post would be more meaningful coming from those who know this donor, Rocket Dog, best.  So, this was submitted by two of the dogs of WPIG: Stella and Finnbar, and their friend Kai.  Our first guestpost! 
Rocket Dog LLC is donating 2 overnight stays and 1 daycare day.  Lucky lucky dogs!
Finnbar Farragher – “I love to go to stay with Holly and Boone at Rocket Dog when my parents, Meghan and Sean, are gone.  I’m kind of a shy guy at first, but they make me feel right at home, like I’m part of the family.  In fact, I think I am part of the family- just look where I got to sleep!  Hospitality at it’s finest!” 
Kai Cipolla-Rysavy – “Holly and Boone at Rocket Dog really get me.  I mean, just look at the report card they gave me!  They are totally right, it’s all about the chase.  I wasn’t even posing for those photos, I’m just kind of an athlete… no big deal.”
Stella Patchin Lacy – Weeeeeee look at me run with my pack!  I love my days with Rocket Dog!  Wait, haven’t I already told you about this?  If I can’t be with my parents, I want to be with the Rocket Dog pack at the park!  We love you Holly and Boone!!!