Auction Sneak Peek #12

Artist Necole-Efua Wood has generously donated three pieces to our auction! 

And this is what she has to say about her art: 
Hello, my name is Necole-Efua Wood and I am living proof that there is much to be said about a diverse upbringing. My mother is Ghanaian and Filipino and my father is Irish American. Exposure to such diversity at a young age, naturally led to my broad understanding of love, life, art, style, tradition, and my passion for travel.

These past couple of years I have made it my personal mission to travel to another country at least once a year. I have been to Ghana, London, Philippines, Greece, Taiwan, and South Korea. The exciting part is this is just the beginning.

In the midst of my traveling, I began to appreciate and question the little things that led to the creation of bigger things.  I believe that life is a beautiful gift that is constantly expressed through many art forms; jewelry, paintings, clothes, poetry, makeup, dance, etc., and my goal is to expose you to all of those.