Auction Sneak Peek #9

WPIG is happy to re-introduce you to artist and jewelry-maker Irene Wood of Crow’s Catch!  Irene was a donor to last year’s auction and is back this year with this beautiful pair of earrings. 

They are hand-crafted from jade, vintage lucite and pearl on surgical steel plated earwires.  They retail for $40.  Please be sure to check out Irene’s Etsy site to see more of her beautiful jewelry! 

Irene Wood, currently an artist in Seattle, WA, graduated with a BA in Studio Art from Whitman College in 2004. Her semi-abstract paintings explore themes of growth, displacement and decay through impressionistic explorations of distorted scale and familiar motifs of the natural landscape. Her intuitive process consists of layering brushstrokes and washes in grid-like axes, a reflection of a seemingly inherent desire to compartmentalize in linear fashions. The many layers of abstract form, color, and nature imagery create visions of ecological utopias that live on the edge between reality and fiction. These are elaborations of visceral memories and heavily embellished illusions of dream-like environments, as tense as they are harmonious.

Please visit her website to see her paintings and find out about her upcoming shows!