Meet Tiffani!

Meet WPIG Member, Tiffani Lee!

Tiffani has been a WPIG member for about a year and a half and has already brought so much to the group. She became interested in WPIG partly as a way to meet new people in Seattle, but mostly because she wanted to get involved in her community and give back on a more personal level.

Originally from Lake Oswego, Oregon Tiffani moved up to Seattle after high school to attend the University of Washington. When asked what she thinks of Seattle, she says “After traveling all over the country, I can honestly say that I love the Pacific Northwest and there’s no place in America like it!”

There are a lot of us that agree with you, Tiffani!

Tiffani earned a double major in Communications and Political Science from the UW, all the while interning at a local brokerage firm. Upon graduating with the dual degrees, Tiffani decided to pursue her career in finance and is currently working here in the Seattle area.
In her free time, Tiffani enjoys spending time with her family, running in the outdoors, skiing, attending concerts, cooking and traveling. This is a photo of Tiffani’s recent trip to Italy!

Like so many others, Tiffani is a fellow foodie and enjoys checking out new restaurants in and around the Seattle area. Feel free to offer her some of your best culinary suggestions by commenting here!

Not only has Tiffani been a fantastic addition to the larger group, she has played instrumental roles in her involvement in the Events, Philanthropy and Marketing Committees. We appreciate the personality that she brings to the group by way of her enthusiasm and positivity. Join us in saying thank you to Tiffani for being a great WPIG member!