Meet Kym Haley!

Since the Spring of 2009 Kym Haley has been an avid and dedicated member of WPIG.  Its investment concept was what intrigued Kym’s initial motivation to join WIPG, setting itself apart from the hundreds of philanthropic organizations in Seattle.  Kym wanted to learn more about investing not only on a personal level, but also on a philanthropic level, benefiting the charity of WPIG’s choosing.  Having the opportunity to get to know other women in WPIG was an added bonus as well.  Kym currently serves as the Chair of the social committee, and a member of the finance committee.
Born and raised in Dallas, TX, Kym is a Texan at heart.  After high school Kym moved to Colorado to study at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and her Mater’s in construction engineering management.  Soon after, Kym moved to Seattle in 2007 to work for a private real estate development company.  Now Kym currently is working for a non-profit, which develops affordable housing for low-income families at the Low Income Housing Institute.

On her free time, Kym finds pleasure in working in her garden, travelling, cooking, camping, spending time with her family and friends, playing softball and volleyball, and enjoying the outdoors.