WPIG introduces the one and only: Becka Hardy!

Over a year ago, WPIG was fortunate enough to gain a valuable member, Becka Hardy.  Becka was drawn to WPIG for the opportunity to work together with similar women her age to create a non-profit organization with common goals and visions.  Working with women who wanted to help other women and children, while giving back to our community, really felt like the perfect fit for what she was looking for in her life.   Becka currently serves on the Event and Philanthropy committees.
Aside from WPIG, Becka manages to keep herself pretty busy… to say the least!  In addition to working full time at a tech firm, helping out with the Seattle Storm team, Becka is working towards her Master in Sports Administration and Leadership degree at Seattle University.   Upon graduation in June 2012, she hopes to either work in collegiate or professional athletics or find other opportunities in health and fitness.
Although Becka does not have a lot of free time these days, she still manages to find time for the important things in life… running/training for marathons, hanging out with her friends and family, going on road trips, and playing with her dog! In fact, during her year off of employment, she was able to accomplish a few goals she had set for herself, which included beating her marathon time, traveling Southeast Asia, and getting into graduate school.  She is currently looking forward to starting her UW internship this fall and figuring out what area of her Masters program she will enjoy the most. 
Something you may not guess about Becka: 
She likes to use chopsticks as often as possible!

Becka is an amazing young woman and WPIG is lucky to have her!