Spring is in Bloom at Ryther

Flower wreaths

 It may not be apparent by the Seattle weather, but spring is here and the proof is at Ryther Child Center!  WPIG recently volunteered at Ryther by hosting a spring art evening for the kiddos.  We brought four art projects for the kids to work on and it’s safe to say that a fun time was had by all!  To get involved or to learn more about Ryther please visit http://www.ryther.org/

Who would have known that the flower wreaths could double as crowns!? 


The making of a watercolor butterfly (see last pic for finished product)

 The highlight of the evening for many of us was when an extremely experienced counselor told us with tears in his eyes that he had been to many events for the kids in his time at Ryther, but that this was THE best!  He noted how all of his kids were not only showing great behavior, but most importantly, they were having fun!    

The mud pie pudding cups… Mmmmmmm!


Creepy crawly garden spiders

This was such a treat for us, not only because it was a great volunteer opportunity, but because we know how important it is for the children at Ryther to experience creative outlets in addition to the top-notch therapy and education that Ryther provides. 

Aww shux, you are welcome Ryther!

We partner quarterly with various non-profit organizations in the Seattle-area for volunteering opportunities.  If you know of an organization that WPIG could volunteer for, please let us know!