WPIG Members Participate in One Night Count!

On January 28th, WPIG members Meghan Malone Farragher, Kym Haley, and Katie Patchin volunteered their time for One Night Count.  But they didn’t just volunteer “any” time, they volunteered from 2am to 5am! That is commitment, ladies! 

What is the One Night Count?

King County has one of the nation’s best-established point-in-time counts of homeless people. The One Night Count remains the largest community-organized count in the United States.  2010 will mark the 30th year that our community has sent teams out into the night to see how many of our neighbors are homeless and without shelter.  Over 900 volunteers go out with 125 trained team leaders to pre-arranged areas in King County. 


Why do we do the Count?

We carry out the One Night Count for two reasons: to document the nature and extent of homelessness in King County, and to build public engagement and action around the issue. It is a solemn and eye-opening opportunity to witness the survival struggles of our neighbors who are homeless. Hundreds of community members come together for this annual count, which acts as a powerful launching off point for participants to speak up and act and write and advocate to end this crisis.