Meet Alisha Eastman!

A few weeks ago, during a WPIG retreat in Roslyn, I was fortunate enough to sit down and learn a little more about Alisha Eastman. Alisha was one of the six founding members of WPIG. She was drawn to the group because she liked the idea of a women’s organization focused on educating its members and giving back to the community. Alisha currently chairs the Marketing Committee, and as chair, she created our fantastic new WPIG website (

After endless hours of hard work and dedication, Alisha will be graduating in December with her Masters in Social Work (MSW) from Eastern Washington University (Everett Campus). Her education doesn’t stop there though. Next, she will begin her training to become a Doula, and then she will start the three year process of earning her LICSW (Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker License). With all of that education, I couldn’t help but wonder, what is her ultimate professional goal? Without hesitation, and with contagious enthusiasm, she tells me that her dream is to eventually open up a comprehensive services clinic where prenatal and postnatal women (and families) will have access to doulas, midwifes, pediatricians, counselors, and more. Although some years out, I have no doubt her dream will be realized, and I cannot wait to witness her future success.

Alisha with her niece & nephew

While her studies and work as a medical biller and elementary school tutor keep her busy, she still manages to find free time, and when that time arises, she enjoys spending it with her niece and nephew. To that end, she gave them each a coupon book filled with activities to do with auntie, and they are working on using each coupon – next up, bowling!
Just when I thought Alisha couldn’t get any more amazing, she divulged this final fun fact: Between 13-18 years old, Alisha arm-wrestled for the Washington State Arm-Wrestling Association. Because there were not many teens, she arm-wrestled in the women’s division; in 1998, she was both the Teenage girls and the Women’s Light Weight Washington State Arm-Wrestling Champion. In 1999, Alisha and her mom held a charity arm-wrestling tournament to raise funds for a teen homeless shelter, Teen Hope (no longer in business). Amazing!

What an incredible young woman, and I am so glad to be a part of WPIG with her!