News Update From the Bill and Pat Bali Fund

WPIG recently received great news from our 2009 charity recipient. Bill Taylor, co-founder of the Bill and Pat Bali Fund, wrote that “WPIG’s group contribution to the Scholarship Fund is already making a difference. We have four girls with loans now attending university. More girls will be applying in the next couple of weeks.”

As you may remember, in 2009, WPIG supported the Bill and Pat Bali Fund. WPIG donated proceeds from our 2009 event to this organization’s Scholarship Fund to help girls in Bali gain access to higher education beyond high school. WPIG also donated resources to the Bill and Pat Bali Fund, specifically earmarked for a young girl at the Untal-Untal orphanage, Amelia Febrina Merry Bogia, in order to support her aspiration to become a teacher. This support is inclusive of housing, clothing, food, education and health care. WPIG’s members have also committed to communicating directly with Amelia through written letters as her sponsors.