Pigture Perfect – Artist Information

WPIG would like to thank everyone who attended and made PIGTURE PERFECT a smashing success! This would not have been possible without all of the fantastic artist donations. If you were out bid on a piece or would like more information about a particular artist we’ve listed below the art description and artist contact information.

Should you have any questions about the artist, venue, food, etc please contact WPIG at info@wpigseattle.org.

1. Gannon Weeks – Pre Date Ritual – Charcoal and Acrylic on Canvas – Located Downstairs above the bar. gannonweeks@gmail.com
2. Nathan Stoltenberg The Pig and SPAM – One located by the coat check and the other at the top of the stairs. http://nstoltenberg.wordpress.com/
3. Alisha Eastman – Flower acrylic on canvas located on the way up the stairs. seattlecoug@gmail.com
4. Hanna BooneHummingbird getting nectar out of flower located on lower floor.
5. Lucrezia Bieler – Paper Cuttings – one upstairs and one downstairs –
6. Diana LiljelundForest Floor Giclee Print located downstairs on wood wall –

7. Erika Eckert – Bubbles – Dots on Velvet – http://www.erikaeckert.com/
8. Lindsay NeeleyZebra upstairs and Pink Flower downstairs –
9. Carol Ann Rasmussen – Specialized paper and inks – located before you went upstairs –
10. Don Dahlke (donated by Nate Dickinson) – Taking Comfort – picture of the door in a tropical scene. Contact Nate Dickinson with Printing in the Pearl.
11. Michael Peinado – coy fish located downstairs – acrylic finished giclee. m.peinado@comcast.net

12. Leo Lam – two photographs from Bhutan located downstairs on wood wall – http://www.leolam.com/

13. Sean Farragher – acrylic on canvas scenery located downstairs on wall – monseniorf@hotmail.com

14. Michael Walmlsey – photograph of Tour Eiffel upstairs. dstudio1@nwlink.com
15. Cynthia Streza – photograph of tulips and photograph of barn. cindys@homecms.com

16. Mark Banaag – spray paint on canvas at top of stairs on left. http://www.markbanaagart.com/

17. John Hoar – Concrete Stoolhttp://modrockdesign.blogspot.com/
18. Andy Patchin – 3 photographs from Buenos Aires, Argentina in black and white located upstairs by DJ. http://www.orcacreative.blogspot.com,
19. Scott Lacy – photograph of Fort Casey in high dynamic range. scottrlacy@gmail.com and
20. Matthew Craig – photographs located near DJ – one with flag and another with Asian lady in purple.
21. Irene Wood – Oil Painting on Canvas located upstairs to the right of the large metal piece.
22. Libby Ryan – kids flashcards and the two bird/tree collages. http://www.likeitlikeitlikeit.blogspot.com or
23. Teri Foehl – Abstract recycled metal collage located upstairs. http://www.terifoehl.com or
24. Ying Ang – photographs of women on the beach. http://www.yingangphoto.com or
25. Mustafah Abdulaziz – photographs from Patagonia of cowboys upstairs near DJ. http://www.mustafahabdulaziz.com/.
26. Julius Metoyer – photograph of lady at beach bent over (DJ Bend) – http://www.wearemjr.com/

27. Heather King – photographs from around the Seattle area and abroad upstairs on table – http://hpkphoto.com/

28. Zena McCoy – Red and black necklace upstairs – http://www.semilladesigns.com/home
29. Gerianne McMakin – Holiday Cards –
30. Kilipohi Chock – Surfer Picture
31. Andra Apellanes – Portrait of Michael Jackson
32. Erin Schedler – photograph of Pike Place Market –
33. Jon Osborne – Sets of Prints located upstairs –
34. Meghan Malone Farragher – Oil Pastel and Water Color kids piece located upstairs –
35. Lauren Auten – earrings located upstairs –
36. Alexa Melendez – Vintage Scarves with a modern update –
37. Lauren Decaprio – Notecards with Wine glasses/Wine –
38. Ashley Martin Liese – Notecards, Tags, Owl Painting and Union – all located upstairs – ashley.liese@gmail.com