Meet the Board & General Members

WPIG is comprised of a talented group of women. Their varying education and interests create a unique blend that fuels a passion for helping others. Here is a quick look at the Board and General Members.

Meet the Board!
Administrative Chair
Erin Olnon
Erin holds an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and works as an Academic Counselor. She keeps our group organized and on-task with her charm and patient attitude.

Events Chair
Katie Patchin
Katie is a graduate of University of Washington and currently works in marketing and leasing. Katie’s enthusiasm combined with her superb organizational skills make her a natural to head up the Events Committee and spearhead our Annual Fundraising event.

Finance Chair
Meagan Yogi
Meagan earned her Masters in Theological Studies from Harvard University and is a Chaplin with Evergreen Hospital. With Meagan’s careful research she is able to provide the group our investment options and keep our finances in check.

Marketing Chair
Ashley Liese
Ashley earned her BA in Fine Arts from Western Washington University. Ashley taught preschool, paints and currently is a happy mom to Finnegan & Frances. Her artistic nature and creativity help to shape and inspire the Marketing committee.

Philanthropy Chair
Meghan Malone Farragher

Meghan has a BA in Speech & Media Communications from the University of Sand Diego and is also certified in American Humanics, a national nonprofit leadership certification. Meghan is a steering committee member for the Cascade Farmers Market and a Building Operations Coordinator. She founded WPIG in 2008 with her wishful idea of blending smart young women, education, investment and philanthropy.

Recruitment Chair
Alisha Eastman
Alisha is a graduate of Washington State University and is currently pursuing her Masters in Social Work degree with an emphasis working with mothers and infants. She also works as a Patient’s Account Specialist. Alisha’s encouraging and friendly attitude have helped to bring together a varied and fun group of women.

Meet the General Members!

Alicia Stedman
Alicia graduated from Gonzaga University with her BA in economics and an MBA in finance. She currently works in real estate development. Alicia is a member of the finance committee.

Edna Merrick Maddalena
Edna is an Education Programs Coordinator. She completed her undergraduate studies at Western Washington University and earned a Masters of Arts degree in Arts and Humanities Education from New York University. Edna is a member of the marketing committee.

Kym Haley
Kym graduated from the University of Colorado with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and an M.S. in Construction Management. She currently works in real estate development. Kym is on the events committee.

Lori Chase
Lori is a graduate of Washington State University with a B.A. in Political Science/Public Administration. She works in real estate development. Lori is on the marketing committee.